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All inspections performed by MD Home Inspect, LLC are conducted in adherence with the Standards of Practice established by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). In addition, we always abide by InterNACHI’s rigorous Code of Ethics.

Structures and Components Inspected

Our standard inspections (residential home, pre-listing, new construction, and 11-month warranty) include a thorough assessment of the following:

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconRoof

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconExterior

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconBasement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconHeating

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconCooling

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconPlumbing

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconElectrical

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconFireplace

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconAttic, Insulation & Ventilation

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections IconDoors, Windows & Interior

Additional Inspections & Services

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections New Construction

New Construction Inspection

Your home may be brand new, but it’s also a complex puzzle of building systems and components installed by several different contractors. Even the most competent contractors can make mistakes! Before your final walk through with the builder, have MD Home Inspect, LLC perform a complete inspection to ensure that your new home is in the best possible condition.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections 11 Month

11-Month/Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Did your new home come with a home warranty? Before it runs out, book an 11-month warranty inspection with MD Home Inspect, LLC. We’ll make sure everything is in good working order; if not, repairs may be covered under the warranty, saving you money and making your home a safer and more comfortable place to live.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections 4 Point

4-Point Inspection

If you are purchasing homeowners insurance, your insurance company may require a 4-point inspection. This type of inspection covers only these four major systems: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roof. Although this type of inspection will satisfy an insurance company, it is not recommended to buyers as a substitute for our standard residential home inspection.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections Re Inspection


If you are a buyer who has chosen to have the seller make repairs before closing, you may want to verify that those repairs were done properly. MD Home Inspect, LLC can re-inspect a home, looking specifically at the new repair work and evaluating its quality and completeness.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections Mold Testing

Mold Inspection

You might need a mold inspection if you notice a funny smell, have experienced recent water damage, or if you see mold growing anywhere in your home. MD Home Inspect, LLC will identify the mold as well as the source so that you can address it quickly and properly, avoiding further damage and future health complications.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections Radon Testing

Radon Testing

The odorless, invisible gas radon can turn up in any home anywhere in the U.S. It’s smart to test for this cancer-causing gas before moving into a new residence or to make sure your family is safe in your current home. MD Home inspect, LLC can determine if radon levels in your home are unsafe. If they are, fixing the problem is easy and potentially life-saving. Mitigation measures will be recommended.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections Water Testing

Water Testing

There are many different reasons you might choose to have your water tested, including old plumbing that contains lead, recurrent health issues, or the water having a strange color or smell. Of course, you may just want extra peace of mind when you are purchasing a new house. MD Home Inspect, LLC will test your drinking water for contaminants. This is especially important if your home relies on a private well.

Virginia Fairfax Home Inspections Energy Audit

Energy Audits

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by requesting an energy audit from MD Home Inspect, LLC. Is your home leaking energy? Could your HVAC be more efficient? We’ll perform a thorough review and make recommendations that could save you hundreds of dollars on your annual energy bill.

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What is a residential home inspection?

A residential home inspection includes a visual assessment of a home’s accessible structures and components (listed above). During the inspection, MD Home Inspect, LLC will make careful note of any major or minor issues, documenting them with photos and, if necessary, video. His findings will be compiled in an inspection report, delivered to you digitally within 24 hours of inspection. We encourage you to join the inspector during your appointment so that he can answer any questions and also familiarize you with your new home, providing maintenance suggestions along the way.

How can a buyer use a residential home inspection to save money on the purchase of their home?

  • You can gain a better understanding of the home’s condition, allowing you to offer or negotiate a fair price.
  • You can protect yourself from costly surprises down the road if you know about defects sooner rather than later.
  • You can ask the seller to pay to repair the defects you indicate in the repair addendum to your inspection.
  • You can use the defects indicated in the inspection report as leverage to negotiate a lower sale price.
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What is a pre-listing inspection?

A pre-listing inspection from MD Home Inspect, LLC is just like our standard home inspection, except that the seller is the client, so the seller receives the inspection report before the house goes on the market.

How can a seller use a pre-listing inspection to make more money on the sale of their home?

  • You can make repairs before the buyer or buyer’s inspector has a chance to uncover any defects that might deter them from making an offer or finalizing a sale. A quicker sale usually results in a higher sale price.
  • You can choose the most cost-effective contractor to make repairs before the buyer gets involved.
  • You can leave the repair work to the buyer but present the buyer with quotes from local contractors. Otherwise, buyers tend to inflate the estimated cost of repair work, offering, for example $4,000 under the list price because of repairs that could be made for $2,000.
  • You can make buyers feel comfortable making an offer or bidding high in a bidding war. Presenting them with an inspection report at the outset will increase their confidence in the home’s value.

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